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after reading all the responses I gathered from my poll,  I read pretty much what I expected. Most of the responses said they memorized the formulas for math problems. there was only one student who said they understood the concepts. There was also one student who said the only way to pass the math class was to memorize every thing which is pretty funny because thats how I survived high school math. This needs to change because this isn’t a very intelligent way to learn and understand the material. I asked my little cousin what 5 times 5 equal? and I got the write answer but then I asked her but why is the answer 25? and I just got a blank look. looks like she just remembered her times table


this can can be used before basketball games. I plan to coach high school basketball and I found it very cool that I mixed the greatest athlete of all time using a quote that  a president said during a very controversial time.

I like this pic because it shows a beginner weight lifter struggling to lift the barbell. I can use this in weight lifting lessons if I teach high school. This can be motivating to some kids because I can use this pic if I see kids slacking in my class by telling them ” DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE TIM ?”

for this pic I used Pixlr


why do I like this car ? because i want to be a superhero just like batman..having this car would make me feel very cocky and awesome

assignment can be found right here.

You really want a nice whip ? so this can happen ?

assignment can be found here